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Clinical placements

We would like to extend the number of placements we are able to offer to counselling students and are ideally aiming to attract final year Diploma or Master's students with some counselling experience. This is because the majority of our clients have experienced sexual and / or domestic abuse.


Clients will have undertaken an initial assessment to make sure they are appropriate for a student and we also offer free in-house 1:1 supervision in line with BACP recommendations.  You need to be able to commit to a caseload of three clients at a time and this can be through a mix of in-person, telephone and online.


Application process:


  • Download and complete the application form 


  • Email your completed (password protected) application to

  • Application deadline:  tbc - likely to be December 2024 as we are not currently recruiting.  

  • Shortlisted applicants will be notified: tbc

  • Interviews will be held on tbc

  • Enhanced DBS checks will be completed prior to induction

  • Mandatory induction days: tbc

The induction programme:


Once offered a placement, you will complete a comprehensive induction which includes training in:

  • pre-trial therapy

  • safeguarding

  • domestic abuse awareness

  • sexual abuse (inc CSA, CSE and sibling sexual harm)

  • working with trauma (including Polyvagal Theory)

  • outcome measures as therapeutic tools

  • our policies and processes. 


When you have completed the induction programme and are settled in a supervisory relationship, you can start to work with clients.

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