About us

Living Your Life provides a unique service in Bedfordshire for people who have been affected by trauma.  By trauma, we mean anything that you have experienced that you found traumatic.  


In our experience, while counselling is extremely helpful to process trauma, people can also often benefit from personal development workshops such as those focusing on self-esteem, and coaching which supports the achievement of personal and professional goals.  

When we meet you for the first time, we will listen carefully to you and together we will agree how we will work.  It may be that you're ready to start therapy and we can start that immediately.  Perhaps you've already had counselling and are thinking about what you'd like to achieve now?  In that case, we will assign a coach to work with you.  You can attend our workshops alongside your one-to-one appointments, or, if you'd prefer, you can simply sign up to our workshops as you feel they are appropriate for you.  

Living Your Life is a not-for-profit organisation.  



Sian Watson 

Clinical Director

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Catherine Mulcaster