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How we can help you

We offer a range of services and when we meet you for your first appointment, we will spend some time getting to know you and understanding what you need from us.  


If you have experienced domestic or sexual abuse, you might be eligible for free therapy or group support.  Please contact for more information.

For telephone and online appointments, please ensure that your environment is safe, comfortable, non-distracting, and that you cannot be overheard by anyone else.

As we do not offer crisis support, if if you are in need of urgent assistance, please contact the Samaritans on 116 123, visit your GP, call the NHS on 111 or attend the nearest Accident & Emergency service.

Oak Sapling - Living Your


When you're ready for therapy, we will match you with a counsellor you can work with on a one-to-one basis.  

Our therapists specialise in helping people whose lives have been affected by trauma.  

You will meet with them weekly at a regular time.

Our service is both short-term and long-term.

Our fee is £60 a session and some concessions are available.



Perhaps you have worked therapeutically, or don't feel the need for it, and feel ready to address some life goals?  


We will match you with an appropriate coach who will work with you to develop your personalised coaching programme.

These meetings will be less frequent than counselling and paced to suit your individual needs.  


While most of our coaches are trained in coaching and therapy, some have a purely corporate coaching background.  We will match you with the best person for your needs.

Team Meeting

Our workshops are designed with you in mind and are practical and interactive.  


They will address a range of issues that can make a positive impact on your wellbeing at work and socially.

We will be running a range of workshops throughout the year.  


These will vary in length from an hour a week to a full day depending on the subject.  


Details of all our workshops will be published here, and include topics such as self esteem, stress management, etc.

'We have learned that trauma is not just an event that took place sometime in the past;

it is also the imprint left by that experience on mind, brain, and body.' 

Bessel A. van der Kolk

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