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Professional and independent 

We are able to offer independent supervision to professionals in a range of helping professions. 

Both Sian Watson and Catherine Mulcaster are qualified and experienced supervisors.

People they have supervised are in roles as varied as:

  • Counsellors / therapists

  • Independent Sexual Violence Advisors (ISVAs)

  • Independent Domestic Violence Advisors (IDVAs)

  • Safeguarding Teams

  • NHS professionals

  • Coaches

  • Nutritionists

all of whom work in a range of different organisations including:

  • charities

  • NHS

  • not-for-profit organisations

  • limited companies.

Our approach to supervision

Not only do we provide an oversight to cases, their complexity and risk, but we also work developmentally with our supervisees.

We co-create a secure environment to develop a trusting supervisory relationship within which supervisees can grow and develop their knowledge, skills and confidence.  

That doesn't mean we won't challenge and stretch them, as we aim to balance challenge and support.  

To find out more about our supervision, please contact us by phone 07884935934

or by email

We would be delighted to discuss your supervision needs with you.


£45 per hour (student rate)

£50 per hour (standard rate)

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