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The wellbeing partner for your people

Positive Mental Wellbeing in Your Workplace

We will work with you to support the mental wellbeing of everyone in your workplace.  We can help them understand and take care of their own wellbeing using a combination of in-person and digital services.


We are not a traditional EAP.  


Our mission is to work with organisations to create a positive mental health culture.  It's your choice and can involve a mix of 1:1 psychotherapy and wellbeing coaching delivered in-person or remotely as well as webinars and workshops.


In the rare event it's necessary, we can also provide crisis intervention support.


As our wellbeing partner, we will work with you to determine the mental health needs of your people to make sure they have the right tools for wellbeing.  

We are able to offer a range of training from 1 hour webinars on stress management, resilience, anxiety, etc to full day interactive workshops.

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